Moving Abroad

Customized consultations based on your move.







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An informal conversation for us to learn more about your unique move .

We'll provide you with a customized package to suit your needs.


What To Consider When Moving Abroad

An online video session where we provide the basics every expat should know before departing their home country.



  • One-time 60-minute online video session where we provide general tips on traveling abroad, finding jobs, locating housing, integrating into a community, finances, etc.

  • Post video session you’ll be provided with a digital file containing all the information discussed

9.999 HUF

30 EUR

Country-Specific Moving Abroad Planning

If you’ve got your heart set on a specific country, this package is for you!  We’ll conduct an online discovery session to learn all about your biggest questions and concerns for your upcoming move to the European country of your choice.


  • One-time 60-minute online discovery video session

  • Personalized country-specific digital file containing: departure, locating housing, job searching, education, financial planning, official affairs, general information about the country, and other topics based on the discovery video session

  • Follow-up 60-minute online video session to discuss any follow-up questions from the personalized country-specific information provided

49.999 HUF

150 EUR