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Customized consultations based on your move.

From beginner up to professional level to meet your needs.

Tailored CV writing and consultation.

Have you always dreamed of starting a new life in another European country, but feel overwhelmed with the process?  We are here to help!


Our services range from helping you prepare for future jobs abroad, aid you in getting comfortable with the local language, and even write your CV professionally.  With years of experience living abroad in many different countries, we’ve seen first hand what some of the largest obstacles can be and developed systems to remove the hurdles in front of you. Let’s get you moving together.


Kata, bank administrator

“Thank you for your great help. By reviewing and rewriting my CV, I was invited to several job interviews, so after six months of unemployment, I had the opportunity to choose from several offers. "

Serious Man

Zoltán, web developer

“I purchased Xpat Consulting's 20-hour language training service. After each hour, I felt the improvement. Thanks to the practical education, I can now express myself much more confidently at my work in Austria."

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